Many SEO businesses provide many of the same search engine optimization services from technical SEO and rich content to paid search and social media campaigns. While each SEO business is a little different and comes from different angles to these services, still they are mostly based on similar theories. If you mean for business SEO purposes rather than sell a random one for cash, yes, they are. At the very least, having a Partial match is a good idea.

When SEO was a simpler thing in a much simpler time, the website’s domain name might have a huge effect on the overall rankings. A few years ago, Google realized that it was necessary to address a domain alone without supporting quality elements.

The issue stemmed from Exact Match Domains (EMD). Companies will own a domain name that was nothing more than a keyword. That was appropriate at the time to rank. Although the search engine optimization methodology has altered, the philosophy has not. The aim is to provide quality answers to important questions, To get the most benefit, you need to make sure your domain name is sending the right signals.

Suppose your only signals say, Woah! I have a long-tail keyword, and my domain will be lucrative! in such case, it would be important to reconsider your thoughts. When used correctly, a domain can incorporate:

  • Brand signals: Your branding efforts will be aided by any reference or occurrence of your company domain name on a website.
  • Relevance signals: If a keyword is used in your domain, the search engine results will be bolded. Then, when people refer to your domain, the keyword would be associated with your web.

PPC and Domain Names

With the right domain name, online advertising and paid search also fit well together. Some studies have shown that text ads perform better with a relevant domain name, all things being equal.

At least, when they did, there was a moment.

  • It was theorized at the time that the generic, keyword-heavy domain’s high ad success was because:
  • Clicks were encouraged by the close match between the domain name and the object
  • The bolding of the field’s keyword drew the eye
  • The domain name can affect the quality score

Except when the competition is an extremely well-known and proven brand with a huge trust factor, these domain names could have a higher CTR and higher total clicks.

The advantage here may be connected to the limited ad space. It’s because they’re searching for a product, not a company if anyone is ready to click an ad. Potentially, highlighting the product with the domain name might help.

The innovations in the paid quest arena could, however, alter this. Since all AdWords appear above the organic performance, the brand, rather than the keyword, will begin to make a more substantial difference, not to the hand.

Domain Names and Managing Credibility

For unique searches, Google, it seems, tends to show negative results.

Using the corporation’s unique name as part of the business name shows the client precisely what the company does. For Google, the same logic applies.

Remember, Google only knows what it can read if it sees a website with just the name; it doesn’t know what the site is about until it parses all its information. Or the domain name itself tells exactly what the site is about. And it cannot be changed, so it has extra authority!


In short, having your keyword in your brand and URL has a lot of advantages both in SEO and in real life. Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) can be valuable, but they are generally not as influential as they once were. Md web design is a leading web marketing agency Australia  which will help you in right selection of domain names for your business. To know more or for any assistance in selecting a domain name, contact us, and we shall consult you on the best ways to select a domain that is SEO friendly.

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