Web site design

What is web design?

Basically, web design is concerned about the appearance and accessibility of your website. Web design also involves the use of different design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to edit the different visual elements of the website. Web designers work by cooperating with the owner of the website or the brand involved to determine the goals and objectives for the website. Before the web design, a guide is created that contains pointers on the key features of the website that is to be designed. For every satisfactory web design, there are certain principles that are adapted to provide the user with an aesthetically engaging experience.

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Web design principles include:


During web design, it is important that the web designer strives to achieve balance in the web design layout. Balance involves using the right combination of color contrasts. Web design is concerned about the use of heavy and light colors. A good web design setup will make use of the right combination of heavy and light colors.


Consistency is vital to shape the audience user experience. Consistency in color patterns and contrast will make it easier for your visitors to navigate the website.


Unity is concerned with how all the components and sections of the website combine to become "one". The unity of the website means the main theme which the viewer can tag the webpage with.


This relates to everything on the webpage. Emphasis has to be placed on the appropriate sections to avoid misdirecting your audience. It's a waste of time to keep every part of the webpage with a similar outlook. A little emphasis on the right areas would make the website a lot better.


When you take a look at color theory, you find out that contrasting colors are always placed opposite one another. Web design color contrast and other types of contrast into consideration. There is a need to observe the contrast between size, text, and shapes. Taking note of contrast is perfect to draw attention to certain areas of the website.

Web site design

What is web development?

Web design is different from development as web developers build on the web design to create a functional website. Developers break up the design into components and then make use of a variety of programming languages to create various web pages.

Web development transforms a static design layout into a functional and dynamic website with the use of links, image and content sliders and other types of relevant content

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Web design principles include:

  • WordPress– This remains the world’s most popular web design services platform as it powers about 34% of all websites on the internet. It owes its popularity to its dynamic features, ease of access and ease of use. It offers complete control over
  • Adobe Photoshop– This web design platform has a near-immovable position as one of the best web design platforms around the world. It offers a lot of design capabilities even extending beyond web design. Photoshop will let you adjust almost any aspect of your website.
  • Wix– This is another impressive web design platform. It is quite easy to use and offers a good number of dynamic features. It also features a variety of free and paid apps that can be installed on your website.
  • Constant Contact Website Builder– It is a platform that lets you build your website in a number of minutes. This is a very good choice for business owners who aren’t tech-savvy. Business owners get to easily create their website in just a few easy steps. It’s users also gain access to thousands of stunning images.
  • Gator– This web design and development platform have all the answers to help small businesses create their website. It allows its users to choose from hundreds of website templates and then customize them to taste.

Features of a good web design

  • Compatible with a variety of mobile devices
  • It can be accessed by all users anywhere and everywhere.
  • It contains well-structured information architecture.
  • It offers browser consistency.
  • It allows for effective navigation.

Benefits of good web design

  • It makes it easier for the business to reach new customers.
  • It can be used to build effective brand awareness.
  • It allows you to access more information about your users.
  • It allows business owners to communicate effectively.