Wondering whether automated ad extensions Good or Bad?

It’s very tricky to say as this can merely be understood by practical experience, but there are still smart ways to use them to benefit you. Ad extension provides more information about the ad like links, address, and phone number about the business & giving visitors more reasons to choose your business. Let’s first know various types of extensions and more about Google ads and their pros and cons.

Google Ads extensions help in emphasizing the content in the ad copy. One other benefit is that it also aesthetically appeals to the user, encouraging the user to click on the ad.

Ad extensions have been proven to increase the click-through-rate for the ads. So, the necessity of having it included in your ads is a no-brainer. A well-made content for ad extensions will help your ad stand out from the rest of the ads or organic listings on the SERP and make the ad attractive enough for the user, searching for something check it out.

Google ads are tiny, and there’s not much room for advertisers to add what they want to say 30 and 90 characters long are the headlines and summary lines. The amount of data that can be provided is limited by this.

Google realized this was an issue and agreed to allow more presentations of selected advertisements. In the form of ad extensions, this comes in. For ads that are at the top positions, the ad extensions primarily apply.

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Callout Extensions:

Callout extension allows you to include texts that convey that the product or service in the ad is benefit-oriented from the user’s point of view, making the user check out the ad as there is a sense of urgency emanating from the ad copy.

Does Google automate them?

Yes, if you don’t create them, Google automatically adds callouts.

Should you allow Google to automate it?

Oh, NO! In your brand voice, callouts, such as site links, allow you to add additional background to your ad.

Sitelink Extensions:

This extension allows you to place links of specific webpages from your website, and have them be shown on the search engine in your ads. You can have up to four site links that would take the user to specific webpages linked to them.

Does Google automate them?

Yes, if you do not produce your own, Google can add site links to your ads.

Should you allow Google to automate it?

Oh, NO! Sitelinks provide your organization with the ability to direct visitors to additional landing pages that could lead to conversions.

Structured Snippet Extensions:

It allows you to showcase specific attributes of your products and services. Structured Snippets show different features or elements in a particular category. It is written by having a colon separating the class from its attributes.

Does Google automate them?

Yes, organized excerpts will be rendered automatically by Google.

Should you allow Google to automate it?

It is advisable to let them be automated as Google has standardized snippets that when you go with dynamic structured snippets are solely accessible (highlights).

Call Extensions:

Yes, it is precisely what comes to your mind. You will include a phone number in this extension. When a user sees your ad on SERP, he will also see your given phone number in the advertisement for placing a call. The user needs to click the number written in the ad, and the market will be established.

Does Google automate them?

Yes, if it appears that the purpose of the site is to get phone calls, Google can create a call extension on your behalf.

Should you allow Google to automate it?

That depends on you if you want your potential clients to call you then definitely YES! There’s no harm in letting Google do the grunt work if you have a single position and phone number on your blog.

Price Extensions:

Price extension allows you to show a price for the product you are advertising in the ad itself on SERP. The user is made aware of the cost even without clicking the ad and going in the website.

Does Google automate them?

No, Google may recommend that you build them, but it won’t make assumptions on which parts of your company you want to work on.

Is the set-up worth the time?

Without a doubt, YES! Price extensions for Google Ads will boost your efficiency as long as you qualify and deliver targeted messaging to your customers.

Location Extensions:

This extension allows you to place the address of your business in the ad. When the user sees your ad, he will also see the address you have mentioned. This will help the user find your business location with the use of a map.

Does Google automate them?

Yes, the extension will be generated automatically by Google when the query warrants a venue. This will mean that your extension will not always work.

Should you allow Google to automate it?

YES! It will only help by providing a position extension between giving your additional business meaning and access to different ad formats.

App Extensions:

App extensions motivate your prospects to download your app. You should concentrate on show scores, the number of people who have submitted the rankings and To make it even more tempting, the price (if there is one)

First, know that using them on branded keywords will not have a significant effect on performance.

Use them on your generic keywords first. After you have gathered some data, click the assets link under an RSA on the ads tab.

From there, you’ll get to a page that will allow which combination of your assets yields the best performance in terms of impression volume.

Does Google automate them?

No, Google may recommend that you build them.

Is the set-up worth the time?

It is recommended to set up as it may help in having more conversions because the clients will directly get onto your app install page.

Advantages Of Automated Ad Extensions

Expanded text ads and ad extensions, like site links and call extensions, work in synergy to increase overall ad size and perceived value in the SERP. Google’s case studies are evidence for increased performance praising expanded text ads for increasing user engagement through higher click-through rates and increases in other key performance metrics. With a further increase in ad size and messaging, Google’s expansion to additional messaging in ads creates more weight to paid ads displaying prominently. It’s a bullseye for brands looking to be front and center at the top of the SERPs.

Disadvantages Of Automated Ad Extensions

Google doesn’t offer in-depth reporting on the testing results, and there’s no transparency with the testing methods used and Many advertisers might not trust automation instead of the advertising strategies that they’ve been using for years.

You should apply room in your budget for testing.

Nobody can give you the real answer that matters to your question, only the advertiser, data, and the results can.

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