Google My Business is a great way to increase your presence in search results, making it easy for consumers to find the businesses that best match their needs. Within local SEO (Local Search Results Optimisation), Google My Business is one of the key factors to better rank your business or website. Google My Business Lists are the first thing to display in search results when looking for a service. And here at MD Web Design, we suggest some tips on starting your Google My Business listing and improving and reap the desired results of the best local SEO company Australia.

What is my company with Google?

Google is a free tool for many business owners to manage their companies’ online presence on the Google platform. A GMB profile is a combination of a social media profile and an online directory list.

Companies can use their Google My Business listings to post important company information such as working hours, location and contact information.

Just like social media accounts, businesses can also post posts and photos to their GMB list. Customers can also upload company photos to the list, as well as write product and service reviews.

Google My Business tips[/vc_column_text]


1) Register and claim your listing

Register and verify your business. There are several methods to verify your business and your website. Request a PIN, which is sent on a postcard to your address to complete the confirmation process. Confirm by phone. You will be given a unique pin to log into your Google My Business account. Alternatively, you can verify your account with your email. Once this is confirmed, Google will recognise the legitimacy of your business listing and will begin to rank your business higher in search results.

2) Add the correct business hours

Add your daily business hours, opening and closing hours, and change your vacation periods. Opening and closing periods tend to change from year to year, make sure customers know when you are open for business, and avoid negative experiences, such as a customer travelling to your business only to find that it is closed.

3) List the appropriate category for your business

Proper category associations are one of the essential fundamental ranking factors within local SEO. Choosing the correct category can be difficult, especially now that Google no longer allows custom categories, which means that you will have to select from a predefined selection. For best results, choose the most relevant category to your business services and limit the number of classes you choose to 2 or 3 instead of using the full 10.

4) Add photos

Adding photos of the exterior and interior of your business is a great way to help customers identify your company during their search; they may have seen your business before and will be able to find it faster than without reference. This also helps make an excellent first impression on new customers who find you searching, sending a clear and positive message.

5) Add a 360-degree view or "virtual tour" of your business

Using the new 360-degree or virtual tour is another great way to show your customers your business, allowing them to experience it before leaving their homes. This works exceptionally well for businesses like restaurants and hotels, creating the atmosphere before your customer arrives.

6) Ask for opinions

Reviews are one of the top-ranking factors to consider when using Google my business. Ask your customers for opinions and try to encourage and promote positive ones by doing a great job. Checks are a great indicator of your confidence in a company, and you can make sure that a customer can see several positive reviews. Receive good service. Incurring negative thoughts and not staying up to date on how your business is presenting itself in search lists can be a big mistake, especially if you spend a lot on marketing.

7) Use the perspectives to see how all it works.

Of course, it is not enough to get results; they must be measured. For your listing, this can be done by accessing the built-in analysis tool, Insights.

Insights lets you know how people find you if they click on your website, phone calls received, driving directions requested, best-performing photos, and more.

You can further optimise your profile if you know what works and what doesn’t.

8) Keep updating your profile and add many photos

The online world is predominantly visual. As such, you must incorporate lots of pictures into your GMB profile.

A Google report indicated that businesses with posted photos received about 42% more requests for directions to their location and 35% more clicks to visit their website than listings without images.

Businesses that have multiple photos on their GMB listings tend to do exceptionally well. In general, they will receive more requests for addresses, clicks on your website, and phone calls. Google suggests that you use a cover photo for your profile that best represents your business.

9) Include photos of staff members and office

The interest of potential customers can also include additional photos of employees, offices, production lines and other aspects of your business. These photos help the visitor decide if they want to buy a product or service from your company.

It can also be helpful to add a picture of the exterior of your store or office, which will help customers find it easily.

Ensure you regularly update your photos. To increase your company’s credibility, you also can encourage your customers to post their pictures of the products they purchase from you.

Briefly, several images on your GMB profile will help you get more insights and lead to more conversions.

10) Add a quote button

The Google My Business platform now gives you the option to add a quote button to your profile. You can easily set the “request a quote” button on your ad.

This will allow potential customers to ask you for a quote for your products or services without having to visit your store or website. If the potential customer is a happy quote, they can order or purchase the service or products from you right away.

Final Thoughts

After your listing is ready for your Google business, remember to monitor the information it contains constantly. Promoting a relevant community within Google means that most of the internet can add your photos and reviews to your profile. They can also suggest modifications!